New Yorker celebrates its 104th birthday with a surprising diet

What is the key to a long and happy life? Hot dogs and chicken fingers. Elaine Terry celebrated her 104th birthday on the Upper East Side on Wednesday surrounded by friends and family. As one of New York’s oldest residents, Terry credits her long and healthy life to hot dogs, chicken fingers and love. “My … Read more

Nutrition influencer criticized for simple act in his video

Nutrition influencer criticized for simple act in his video

An influencer and nutritionist has been slammed for a simple act that most of us often do without thinking. Ben Coomber, nutrition coach, speaker and podcast host from the UK, has shared footage showing him preparing a healthy breakfast for his young child, hoping to inspire others to do the same . The video has … Read more

How to fuel up for the outdoors on the right diet

(KERO) – June is National Outdoors Month and whether you choose to spend it hiking on trails or playing your favorite sport outdoors, one thing you want to make sure is that you have enough energy. . Are you going on an adventure? Think of your body as a car – if you run out … Read more