Progress 2022: Lose weight through diet | News

Losing weight is on the minds of people across the country, but the process of losing weight leaves many people feeling left in the dark. Fad diets, meal plans, and even advice from others who might be struggling to lose that stubborn last five pounds or more to reach their goal abound, but the useful … Read more

Progress 2022 — Food Fuels Fitness: Nutrition Basics | News

Progress 2022 — Food Fuels Fitness: Nutrition Basics |  News

Food is an essential part of daily life. As essential as it is, a lack of knowledge and advertisements for particular diets can make nutrition confusing. Providers at King’s Daughters Medical Center have looked at the impact of nutrition and diet not only on life, but also on fitness and sport. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brock … Read more

Living Well: The Food Industry Is Not Your Friend | News

Diets get a bad rap these days. There is an anti-diet movement going on that aims to end the toxic culture of unsustainable results leading to feelings of total failure and I’m for one, I’m here for that! Go to any bookstore and you’ll find shelves and shelves of books touting the easiest and fastest … Read more