Looking ahead, right here on planet Earth

Looking ahead, right here on planet Earth

A person is suspended in a hammock while wearing an otherworldly space helmet. Earth Force Climate Command/Courtesy Photo Ajax artist Ax wants us to think about the future. The year 2222, to be exact. The West burned a century ago. People have abandoned the land. The forest, abandoned, has grown back. Enter “The Burnt States … Read more

Yosemite fire puts hundreds of iconic redwoods at risk

Fire in Yosemite Imperils Hundreds of Iconic Sequoia Trees

The devastating blaze, which started last Thursday and intensified over the weekend, is now threatening Yosemite National Park’s largest grove of giant sequoias and forcing campers and residents to evacuate the area. — A fire that started last week in Yosemite National Park, California, intensified over the weekend and is now threatening the famous … Read more

Caduto: the Earth in our hands | Comment

Dear Mother Earth: Plastic pollution and pets |  Weekend magazine

Not so long ago, we listened to the decisions rendered by the United States Supreme Court with the hope that the Court’s decisions would reflect justice for all and a jurisprudence that was imbued with compassion and concern for the common good. That hope now seems misplaced, if not quaint, in light of last week’s … Read more

SPOILER returns in Earth-Prime Comic

SPOILER returns in Earth-Prime Comic

The CW’s Arrowverse of DC-inspired connected shows has been given the comic book treatment in Earth-Prime comics with stories that explore and, in some cases, expand on what fans have followed on television for decades. seasons. This week, the six-issue event concludes with Earth-Prime: Hero’s Twilight Bringing it all together in one kind of “crossover” … Read more

Antarctica’s glaciers are melting at their fastest rate in 5,500 years • Earth.com

Antarctica's glaciers are melting at their fastest rate in 5,500 years • Earth.com

Antarctica is dominated by ice, primarily two massive ice sheets called the East and West Antarctic Ice Sheets. Unsurprisingly, these ice sheets have been losing mass in recent years. Two glaciers within these ice caps – the Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers – are particularly at risk. Scientists estimate that at current melting rates, the … Read more