Liberal Party shouldn’t become ‘Diet Coke’ version of progressive parties: former senator

A former Queensland senator has suggested the Liberal Party should go back to its original roots instead of becoming the “diet coke” version of Labor and Greens. The comment comes after the Liberal Party’s defeat in the 2022 federal election sparked calls for the party to adopt progressive policies and shortlist more women to win … Read more

A powerful nutrient to increase in your diet

Vitamin A is an important nutrient for your eyesight, skin and overall health. Vitamin A is a nutrient that helps keep your eyes and skin healthy. It also helps your body fight infections. You can get vitamin A from foods or supplements, but no matter how you get it, it’s an essential part of good … Read more

Michael Mosley says the Mediterranean diet can improve your health and help you achieve a summer body

Experts hailed Dr. Michael Mosley’s Mediterranean diet as one of the best to follow this summer in an attempt to achieve a healthier lifestyle through food. Filled with vitamins and nutrients, the diet is well established for its positive effects on overall health. High cholesterol is a precursor to life-threatening illnesses such as heart attacks … Read more

Why Kellogg’s is starting a plant-based food business

Food giant Kellogg Company is spun off into three separate, as yet unnamed businesses that focus on plant-based foods, cereals and snacks. The company has decided to divide its business into these key segments to focus on innovation and growth in each of them. “Kellogg has embarked on a successful transformation journey to improve performance … Read more

5 things to keep up to date in Malayali cuisine and diet

Over the years there have been various changes in eating habits and it keeps changing from time to time. If you are able to make minor changes to your cooking, it will also affect the taste, says celebrity chef Suresh Pillai. Here are Chef Pillai’s tips for Malayalis to adapt to changing diets, eating habits … Read more

Long read: Diet hockey, not just a fad

As far as hockey venues go, this one was new. A playground right downtown, on the edge of a lake, boats anchored on the marina on one side, surrounded by giant trees with mountains in the distance and a host city that has no tradition or history hockey, aside from being home for the costumes … Read more

How to fuel up for the outdoors on the right diet

(KERO) – June is National Outdoors Month and whether you choose to spend it hiking on trails or playing your favorite sport outdoors, one thing you want to make sure is that you have enough energy. . Are you going on an adventure? Think of your body as a car – if you run out … Read more

Are you considering a detox diet? Here are its pros and cons

Detoxification is the key to optimal health. There are several pathways to detox and each person has unique vulnerabilities. Identifying it is essential. Detox has an impact on disease and symptoms, and should be addressed before protocols. The main detoxification organs in your body are the kidneys, lymph, skin, liver, colon, and lungs. Your body … Read more