How to watch “A Year on Planet Earth,” Environmental Doc, on Fox Nation

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There’s so much incredible nature out there that a standalone documentary isn’t always enough to adequately capture its beauty. In many cases, a multi-episode docu-series is now required. And the latest nature docuseries to debut, A year on planet earth on Fox Nation, is definitely taking advantage of this longer format.

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Narrated by actor Stephen Fry, A year on planet earth was filmed over a three-year period in dozens of locations around the world and has just made its public debut. Keep reading for everything you need to know about this new docuseries.

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‘A Year on Planet Earth’ showcases the beauty of the surroundings – but Fox Nation is behind it all?

On Sunday, January 8, A year on planet earth debuted on Fox Nation, FOX News Media’s streaming service.

We know what you’re thinking – FOX News, the same company that regularly features climate science deniers in its news programs, is doing an environmental show? Is this just anti-science propaganda?

Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case — A year on planet earth originally premiered on ITVX, a UK streaming service, in December. It is also from the same teams that made the British nature documentary tiny world (narrated by Paul Rudd) and the Netflix animated nature documentary night on earth (narrated by Samira Wiley).

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Poster for 'A Year on Planet Earth' on Fox Nation

Source: Fox Nation

Not to mention, the A year on planet earthThe narrator of is Stephen Fry (who has a lot of storytelling experience — he’s known for doing the Harry Potter audiobook recordings). Fry is also a known supporter of climate activism – he proudly expressed his support for the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion, and even wrote an article for The telegraph about his experience traveling the world to film A year on planet Earth, and how it informed his views on climate change.

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“I’m so glad our program showcases and celebrates some of the amazing things happening on our planet,” Fry wrote for The Telegraph. “It’s my (hopefully not entirely naive) wish that helping you witness the beautiful, somehow relatable bond between a polar bear and her cub might provide more motivation to protect the sea ice on which they live as if I were to explain to you how you personally at home threaten their survival.”

So, it’s safe to say that you don’t have to worry about Tucker Carlson appearing on your screen to deny global warming halfway through the series.

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“A Year on Planet Earth” gives viewers a look at wild animals that grow from year to year.

In the trailer for A year on planet earth, it is stated that “all living beings are connected”. To show this, the filmmakers spent three years traveling to over 60 locations around the world to film animals.

Viewers “will witness a year’s impact on the most extraordinary animals”, as the filmmakers returned to the location to take footage of the same animals they filmed a year before.

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“Making a series on this scale would be impossible without the collaboration of scientists, conservationists and community members,” read a statement shared by Fox Nation with Green Questions. “They discover new behaviors, use pioneering and inventive techniques, and even put their lives on the line to protect the animals that share our fragile home. The one-of-a-kind series shares their stories.”

The series consists of six episodes, titled: “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer”, “Autumn”, “Full Circle” and “Making the Planet”. Maybe you want to watch them all at once, or maybe you’ll spread them out by watching each of the first four episodes in their corresponding seasons. Anyway, all six episodes air on fox nationwhich offers a seven-day free trial.


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