Wealthy $120million Kelly Ripa has refused to endorse ‘unhealthy’ weight loss drugs, but has no regrets working with soft drink brands that lead to obesity

Kelly Ripa has accomplished a lot in her career. The inhabit star has gone from strength to strength and amassed a lot of fame over her nearly 3-decade career. No wonder she made a name for herself in the industry.

It is only natural that she has a net worth of $120 million. But her success on set is largely due to the commercials she’s been a part of. But she once turned down an opportunity because of her weird timing. This is an advertisement that came to her when she was pregnant.

Why Kelly Ripa couldn’t advertise

Kelly Ripa had to turn down the announcement because she was pregnant

Ads are indeed one of the highest sources of income for stars. Britney Spears made her fortune with her $8 million Pepsi ad. George Clooney also with his Nespresso $40 million deal. Kelly Ripa has also added millions to her kitty with a slew of ads.

But there was this announcement she couldn’t make, a deal she had no choice but to leave. The reason behind this was her pregnancy. When she was pregnant, she was offered to appear in an advertisement for a weight-loss drug. But the idea of ​​a pregnant woman appearing in an advertisement for a weight-loss drug did not sit well with her.

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Advertisement for weight loss drug during pregnancy just didn’t make sense

Kelly Ripa was "caught off guard" by the departure of Michael Strahan from Live
Kelly Ripa couldn’t be in the ad because it wouldn’t make sense

Although the All my children alum has a reputation for being really fit around the clock, it was obvious that she wouldn’t be the same during her pregnancy. Remembering the moment, she said,

“Sometimes you get very strange requests. I remember one time when I was pregnant and they asked me if I wanted to take some weight loss medicine. I was like, ‘I’m just pregnant.’

She obviously declined the offer. She found the drug unhealthy and did not want to be seen supporting its use. One can imagine the extent of the controversy that the commercial could have caused at the time, both for the company and for the hope and faith alum herself. And that loss didn’t hurt his prospects at all. She had already made it big anyway.

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Kelly Ripa had no qualms about appearing in an obesity-causing soft drink ad

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa promoted 7 Up

The generation gap the facilitator might have refused this offer because she found it unhealthy for her. But this was not the case for other equally risky products. Cheapest by the dozen star has featured in ads for soft drinks like 7 Up, a product that leads to obesity.

Ripa never claimed to have a problem with it. Seems a bit hypocritical of him, doesn’t it?

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