DC COMICS SNEAK PEEK for December 27, 2022: Return to EARTH-6 and Just Imagine DCU in TALES FROM EARTH-6: A CELEBRATION OF STAN LEE #1

DC Comics is honoring what would have been Stan Lee’s 100th birthday (December 28) with the Tales from Earth-6: A Celebration of Stan Leea one-shot commemorative anthology featuring new stories based on Lee’s (along with film producer Michael Uslan) renditions of core DC characters from his Just Imagine series of one-shots (2001-2002).

Over 20 years ago, Stan Lee reinvented the entire DC Universe. A criminal-turned-night-warrior for justice, a champion of the Brazilian Amazon, an intergalactic lawman, and many more popped out of Stan’s mind with the help of Michael Uslan.

To celebrate the legendary comic book icon’s 100th birthday, dive into 10 new adventures featuring his version of the DC Universe!

Steve Beach’s Batman Variant Cover:

Riley Rossmo Justice League variant cover:

Jason Howard’s Green Lantern Variant Cover:

Kelley Jones Sandman variant cover:

Ariel Colon Superman variant cover:

Kyle Hotz Shazam variant cover:

Christian Ward’s Flash variant cover:

Clayton Henry Wonder Woman variant cover:

Jorge Corona Aquaman variant cover:

Dan Panosian’s Catwoman variant cover:

Cully Hamner 1:25 Incentive Variant Coverage:


  • Batman faces off against a heinous new threat, the Choker!
  • Green Lantern digs deep when Nekron arrives to consume the World Tree!
  • The Justice League teams up with a familiar face to save the day!
  • Shazam ventures into a top-secret facility to face off against a stunning (and burglar) enemy!
  • The Flash uses his speed abilities to attempt to reverse the tragedies of his past, but may deprive himself of his powers in the process!
  • Chaos ensues when Wonder Woman becomes the editor of the National Exposer!


  • Writer: Mark Waid; Becky Cloonan; Michael Uslan; Kenny Porter; Jackson Lanzing; Collin Kelly; Steve Orlando; Zac Thompson; Michael Conrad; Meghan Fitzmartin; Stephanie Williams; jerry ordway
  • Artists): Jerry Ordway; Kevin Maguire; weeks Lee; Max Dunbar; Juan Ferreyra; Anthony Marks; Hayden Sherman; Karl Mostert; Col Pablo M.; Belen Ortega
  • Colorists: Tris Mulvihill: Rosemary Cheetham; Jordie Bellaire; Dee Cunniffe; Romulo Fajardo Jr.; Nick Filardi; Dave Stewart; Sebastien Cheng; Glenn Whitmore
  • Letterers: Clayton Cowles; Troy Peteri; Beca Carey; Steve chopsticks; Dave Sharpe; Juan Ferreyra; Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou; Pat Brosseau
  • production designer:Darren Robinson
  • Publication production: Sandy Alonzo
  • Cover artists: Jim Cheung and Jay David Ramos
  • Variant Cover Artists: Riley Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia; Clayton Henry and Marcelo Maiolo; Dan Panosian; Cully Hamner; Christian Quarter; Kelley Jones and Laura Martin; Kyle Hotz and Dan Brown; Steve Beach; Ariel Colon; Jorge Corona and Sarah Stern
  • Publishers: Andre Marin; Paul Kaminsky; Brittany Holzherr: Ben Meares; Dave Wielgosz
  • Format: A shot
  • Cover price/number of pages: $9.99/96 pages

Return to Earth-6, home of the DCU JUST IMAGINE with a cast of star creators to celebrate Stan Lee’s 100th birthday with TALES FROM EARTH-6: A CELEBRATION OF STAN LEE #1 hitting shelves and digital platforms December 27, 2022, from @DCComics

DC COMICS SNEAK PEEK for December 27, 2022: Return to EARTH-6 and Just Imagine DCU in TALES FROM EARTH-6: A CELEBRATION OF STAN LEE #1

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