Release of the 2021 Municipal Energy and Environment Report

The Lander Energy and Environment Working Group has published its Municipal Energy and Environment Report of the City of Lander 2021. It was presented during the City Council’s working session on November 22 2022.

The objective of this report is to reduce operational costs and environmental impacts. The goal is to provide city council, the mayor and city staff with an assessment of the city’s energy and fuel consumption to guide future planning and decision-making. This report focuses on municipal operations and properties in the City of Lander, not the residential or commercial portions of our community. Water consumption was not assessed in this report. The report focuses on energy consumption, transportation, sewage ponds and solid waste.

The Municipal Energy and Environment Report 2021 is a time-series overview of the City of Lander’s energy and fuel consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and environmental impacts. The impetus for this report stems from the 2020 Mayor and Council proclamation supporting the intent to reduce GHG emissions. The city’s Energy and Environment (E&E) Task Force was formed soon after to help with efforts to reduce GHG emissions while increasing energy efficiency and reducing operating costs from the city. In 2021 and 2022, the E&E Task Force and an independent contractor from Climate Mitigation Strategies LLC analyzed data from city archives, visited all city-operated facilities, and met with city staff to gain an in-depth understanding of the city ​​operations. Researching best practices and methods from other similar cities played an important role in the directions recommended by the team.

Specifically, this report:

– Educate readers on Lander City’s GHG emissions footprint and energy and fuel consumption trends.

-Identify areas where the City of Lander could save money, energy and fuel while reducing emissions.

-Suggest new methods or technologies that could be implemented by the city to achieve these savings.

– Prepare the ground for the next phase of action planning with the city of Lander.

Board member Julia Stuble shared at the end of the presentation, “Thank you so much, that’s an incredible amount of information and data. I was very surprised by some little things like the fixed rate streetlights and the fact that there are leases where we don’t recover utility costs on some of the meters. It’s an amazing resource to have on hand as we try to make decisions.

We encourage you to read the full report for more details. “It has been wonderful to work with city staff, LCAN and the LOR Foundation to provide this type of information to city leaders and the community. Our E&E working group sees a lot of potential in this area. We want to help the city save money while increasing energy efficiency and preparing for future infrastructure needs,” said Kara Colovich.

Mayor Monte Richardson said, “I just want to thank you for working on this project. I know you are a group of volunteers and it takes many hours. Thank you for devoting so much of your time to this project. We appreciate it and keep informed.

This report is made possible through a partnership with Lander Climate Action Network and LOR Foundation and created by Kara Colovich of Climate Mitigation Strategies LLC.

The Energy and Environment Task Force meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month. Melinda Cox is the board liaison. Members of the working group are Adam Keifenheim (chair), Courtney Larson, Christian Gauderer, Louisa Hunkerstorm, and Kara Colovich.

A full copy of the report is available on the Lander Energy and Environment Task Force section of the City of Lander website:

A recording of the November 22, 2022 presentation is available at:

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