Toadface Plants New Tracks With ‘From The Earth’ EP

Toadface is back on WAKAAN with his five track EP, Of the earthwho proposes delicious bass goodness.

toad face is one of those artists who takes an idea and throws it down an absolute wormhole – creating music for those looking for a mind-blowing experience. His sound mixes dubstep and experimental bass, with a strong influence from nature and the earthly elements that surround us as well as imaginative landscapes from video games. This creates choose your own adventure style soundscapes found on releases like insects for breakfast earned him festival appearances at Infrasound and Shambhala while touring along the way.

While early versions of Toadface scratched the surface of the weird, wonky, otherworldly sounds that welled up in his mind, his continued to bloom like a rainbow flower in a sea of ​​daisies. His new five-track EP, Of the earthis now available WAKAN and takes on a captivating immersive experience, plunging headfirst into a ripple of musical nature. Groovy, harmonious mixes carry the vibe with absolute madness happening over the melody, well-equipped with all sorts of unique sample pairs and synths – you never know what awaits around the corner from a waterfall. low.

Of the earth understands the value of staying grounded in a track, emphasizing fun in the buildup and wave of a song over hype on a drop. Each track is well thought out, containing a gift of wavelengths the listener is by no means prepared for while tastefully dipping their toes into the wobbly. Whether played live or through headphones, the intricate layers can be blissfully heard, connecting everything to their musical branches.

The tracks on Of the earth draw inspiration from the elements of nature, paint notes of lush green wave patterns and colorful synths. The first one, “Wurm Lurmis for anyone looking to unleash the weird on the dance floor, holding an infectious beat with all sorts of experimental and ingenious influences that converse well with the continuous string synth theme. So, “Cardboardsets the mood with a catchy melody, straight into classic Toadface sampling and a stunning rhythmic hook. The second round is more wobbly, with the downward modulation throwing the listener into a loop.

turboslips in with an ominous synth intro, complete with eerie strings, straight into a bass pattern sent into the heaviest bass line in the entire collection. A standout from the EP, this song is a wild yet sweet ride that will constantly have you guessing which sound is coming next (you’ll never be able to guess). Hold the listener in suspense, “Tony bagsairs on the high-energy side, with a great intro in clever multi-drops that play with different ideas of musical characterization and dance patterns. The journey begins smoothly, straight into zig-zag oscillations that will even move the trees outside.

Incahuotsarrives as Toadface’s final offering and is one of those tracks where you want to listen to it until you’re absolutely sick of it. The haunting bassline paired with sparkling instrumental elements that shimmer throughout the pair of tracks nicely together, making it the perfect track to draw an audience into the EP’s final minutes.

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Toad face – Of the earth – List of tracks:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Incahuots
  3. Tony bags
  4. turbo
  5. Wurm Lurm

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