Wrestler Braun Strowman Reveals His Insane Diet and Workout Routine

Braun Strowman has revealed that he follows an insane diet and workout routine to maintain his amazing physique. The American professional wrestler made the revelation during a recent interview with WWE Alan.

The monster of all monsters returned to WWE in September in a mighty show of strength.

The wrestler, whose real name is Adam Joseph Scherr, had the following to say about his daily training and diet:[The secret is] just hard work, consistency, waking up at 6am every day doing an hour of cardio. I eat 20 egg whites and 4 cups of oatmeal for breakfast, then go to the gym for about two to three hours. Then I usually like to eat sushi for my post-workout meal. I have 50 pieces of tuna sashimi and 4 bowls of rice. And then about every two and a half to three hours, I eat between 10 oz and 12 oz of cooked beef, chicken and fish, and between 150 and 400 g of rice.”

WWE let go of Strowman last year in an effort to cut costs. However, the ex-universal champion made his return to the wrestling arena in a mighty show of force in early September. The 6-foot-8 former strongman is in the shape of his life with a physique that even other wrestlers will find intimidating, especially over the past three years.

Strowman emerged victorious in his recent fight against Omos at Crown Jewel in Riyadh.

The wrestler’s monstrous physique and physical dominance is the result of years of hard work. Last year, during an interview with TMZ, he revealed that he had lost around 45 pounds to get his body back to its current shape. At that time, many fans wondered how he achieved this and his recent reveal has now given some insight.

Along with being a Universal Champion, the 39-year-old is also an Intercontinental Champion and a two-time Raw Tag Team Champion. A fierce fighter, Strowman originally had the nickname The Monster Among Men. However, since its return in September, it has been labeled The Monster of All Monsters. The nickname is due to his fearsomeness in the ring and his recent defeat of Omos is proof of that.

In other WWE related news, Logan Paul put on a wonderful display against current undisputed WWE Universal Championship titleholder Roman Reigns. While Paul is a relative newcomer to WWE, his in-ring exploits have shown that he belongs in the arena as much as any veteran.

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