Let’s talk about the body: nutritionists against beauty standards and dietary culture

There is an unspoken rule in popular wisdom that if what you are about to say cannot be changed 5 seconds, Better not to say. A rule that has nothing to do with the five seconds it takes to eat a piece of food that has fallen on the floor, or Mel Robbins and his book 5 second rule, a technique that helps you overcome the fear of making decisions to succeed. Rather, it has to do with the way we treat others and our impulsiveness to comment on other people’s physical aspects: weight, acne, hair…everything is “improvable” to the critical eye of society. assessment and self-assessment Constantly to show the world the best picture. People who go through pre-screening before uploading a photo or video, as measured in social ratings Love,

For example, having a muzzle, a zip between the teeth or under pants can be changed in five seconds, the rest…well no. we live in culinary culture, They tell us that being underweight is synonymous with health, they tell us that at Christmas we start losing weight on January 7 and in the summer ‘Operation Bikini’ to be divine. If you feel that you are not part of this conspiracy of advertising, culture and industry, then surely you have purchased a product with the label light, no added sugar Or you limited yourself by not eating anything you wantedSo, unconsciously, diet culture entered our lives and even interfered in family interactions with your grandmother, forcing you to eat. Guisão Because you’re “running to the bone” or the neighbor told your mom to stop talking junk because you’re getting “fat.”

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How do you explain nutritionist and popular Victoria Lozada, We envy those who eat and are not fat and call them “privileged”, others “neglected and unhealthy”. This set of beliefs has taken root in the collective imagination, one cannot even imagine that “the WHO defines an ideal weight with a body mass index that can vary between 18.5 and 24.9”, the value of which is not found according to the collective imagination that we associate with “thinness”.

people with 20% increase in eating disorders According to the FITA Foundation and the Movement during the Pandemic real foodieFar from the unflattering background of “knowing what you eat”, it inspired its followers to obsess over complete control of food components. control what is said It’s much easier than controlling calories. Talking about the body can lead to hurt, it can lead to slight insecurity, then a complex, then restrictive behavior, and finally an eating disorder.

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“The slimming industry is the only profitable business in the world with a failure rate of over 98%”, says the NEDA report. Failure has a name and a nickname, it is famous the rebound effect Hey weight cycling: Recovery of lost weight after a diet that makes us lose weight quickly. In diet culture, our lives are limited to canned diets, self-dieting, calorie restriction, and the elimination of essential macronutrients (protein, carbs, and yes, fats) and start over.

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Frustration, personal dissatisfaction, the time women spend on diets and hateful comparisons are some of the reasons why social networks have become dangerous stimulants for people. eating disorder, Although there is a misconception that society is beginning to realize these issues and behave in certain mind and health negative ways, there is still a long way to go. According to a 2019 report, content on social media promoting anorexia or bulimia has increased by 470% since 2014, and 60% of people with eating disorders search social media for content that affect their health. could put you in danger.

According to data from the NEDA report, “Would you be on a treatment that only works in 5% of people?” says Nina Navajas, social worker and researcher at the University of Valencia, author of the article. You need to lose weight, I tell you because I love you for the country.

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