Recovery of US wildlife law awaits Senate vote

Two surveys over the past month point to strong support across political, social and demographic lines for the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, a potentially “game-changing” proposal to provide $1.4 billion a year to conservation efforts. state and tribal wildlife management.

The bill passed the House in June but is awaiting action in the Senate.

Supporters of the legislation hope the recent poll will help spur a vote in the Senate before the end of the session this winter.

The bill would provide $1.3 billion to state agencies and $97.5 million to tribes in annual funding dedicated to restoring habitat and restoring wildlife populations.

The funds would be used to execute state and tribal wildlife action plans on non-game species.

This is the fourth Congress in which the legislation was introduced. The previous three versions failed to pass either chamber.

But it is not for lack of popularity with voters.

The Audubon Society website provides a useful database of native plants to help attract specific species of birds such as the Baltimore oriole with its strikingly beautiful song.

Recent surveys from Data for Progress and Responsive Management show RAWA’s broad bipartisan appeal.

The Data for Progress poll, conducted Sept. 16-19 among 1,215 likely voters, found 86% backed RAWA, including 92% Democrats, 85% Independents and 83% Republicans.

The group conducted a similar poll in December 2021 which found that 84% of voters supported the bill.

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