National Nutrition Partners with Italian Manufacturer Corman to Offer Organyc® Feminine Grooming Products

National Nutrition announces its most recent partnership with Corman, a Milan, Italy-based manufacturer of feminine hygiene brand Organyc®.

ORILLIA, ONTARIO, CANADA, Sept. 9, 2022 / — A healthier alternative for women’s health – National Nutrition dot CA has just announced its newest partnership with Corman, a Milan-based maker of Organyc , in Italy® brand of safe, healthy and naturally derived feminine hygiene, adult care and baby care products.

Healthy alternatives in baby care and feminine hygiene

This collaboration brings the Organic® the brand’s full line of intimate care products for women on the shelves of National Nutrition; products which include panty liners, tampons, cotton pads and baby wipes. Organic® the products promote health.

Since women’s reproductive organs and baby’s skin are so sensitive and absorb so much of what is put in or on it, it’s important to know what products and ingredients are in the products you use. Many feminine hygiene products contain harsh chemicals, bleaches and super absorbent polymers which are bad for women’s health. Organic® on the other hand does not use any of these. Just organic cotton cleaned with natural hydrogen peroxide.

Pure and precious baby products

The organic® The brand’s baby care range is made from 100% organic cotton cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. They are also hypoallergenic, which means no dyes, fragrances, synthetic materials or wood pulp are used; therefore, they are safe for even the most sensitive skin.

It doesn’t stop at your health, the Organic® The brand is committed to the health of the planet and follows the best agricultural practices and guarantees that its products are biodegradable and that the packaging is environmentally friendly.

Organyc CEO Dr. Giorgio Mantovani says, “We are delighted to serve Canada and National Nutrition customers with Organyc®. Bringing our products to a highly regarded and respected health food store like National Nutrition fits perfectly with our promise that women should expect respect.®.”

Christine McKee, COO of National Nutrition says, “At National Nutrition, we aim to bring the best quality products to our customers for every aspect of their health. Women’s health and hygiene are no exception. Our new partnership with Corman and Organyc® the brand is one we are delighted with. Working with a company that offers so many options that make it easy for women to switch to cleaner, good-for-you feminine products is exciting.

National Nutrition’s Complete Selection of Organic® feminine hygiene products can be viewed in their dedicated section for Organyc® feminine hygiene products.

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