Ex Clif Bar, Sweet Earth execs aim to disrupt ‘tired’ canned food category

The Eureka moment for co-founders Kat Kavner (a brand and marketer who spent her formative years at Sweet Earth and Clif Bar) and Jaime Tulley (an operations expert who met Kavner at Sweet Earth) is came as they joined hordes of shoppers heading to the canning aisle to stock up on spring 2020 staples.

“He really was born out of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders,”Kavner told FoodNavigator-USA. “Like everyone else, we would go to the grocery store and stock up on canned food, but the category seemed pretty frozen and stagnant, and we had this light bulb moment.

“Could we completely reinvent canned foods, starting with a focus on flavor and quality and designing foods that resonate with a new generation of young people?”

She added: “The core value proposition of canned foods is really strong and it still seems relevant to a modern consumer. It is convenient and affordable with very high household penetration. The piece of food waste is also important. We waste so much fresh food that it’s hard to plan when you’re going to use it all up, so we want to appeal to a new generation of home cooks.

“So we did some consumer testing on the concept and sent out a survey to about 100 people who were second- or third-degree relationships to try to steer us away from our friends and family who were just cheering us on. .and the concepts and flavor profiles immediately seemed to resonate with people.

Heyday founders COO Jaime Tully (left) and CEO Kat Kavner (right). Image credit: Heyday Canning Co

“Beans are an incredible source of plant-based nutrition and they’ve had a moment in the culinary spotlight over the past few years.Kat Kavner, Co-Founder and CEO, Heyday Canning Co


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