“Marijuana is a medicine for many children who are going through a difficult time”

“It is a Coniset project in which we do not participate, everyone knows that we are a union on which we work hard, it does us good that it is done in the hospital, but also that there is workshops to train employees to get into cannabis” , Tachet analyzed the new health agreement.

“Everyone is handling this in the best possible way, with the support of Mayor Gustavo Sastre and Government Secretary Martin Abene by our side, we are very proud and shocked of what we have achieved,” he said. .

“We have already started working on the property of Montada, as it has been said, and thank the Minister of Production, Leandro Cavaco, the legal department of this ministry, as well as the governor because the money is already there. Similar to containers and property,” he remarked.

“We’re already getting to know the great folks at Montada, and there will be two more new containers coming next week,” Teket announced.

Regarding the Advisory Council on Cannabis formed under the aegis of the Madrin Council of Deliberations, he clarified that “we all coexist, for example, they ask us for days in children’s schools, but everything is very That is happening slowly.The police should have trained long ago, now that we have the containers we will be the first to train our new fellow police officers.

“You work too slowly or we go too fast. I worked a lot, I have to go three to four times a week to Rawson’s for papers and conferences, we keep knocking on doors, that’s how it is, ”he insisted.

“We hope to bring in Natalia Tarattuto, pediatric neurologist, next month. They will hear me say we need a pediatric neurologist for Puerto Madryn, we don’t have one, there are a lot of inconveniences. I am sorry to say all this, but unfortunately there are many mothers who come to my house crying hysterically,” she lamented.

“The neurologist who came to Trelev from Buenos Aires the other day left a mother unattended because she couldn’t wait for him. Sometimes I get very excited because special boys have different times and they need to be together. The advice to participate in special boys is between 5,000 and 7,000 pesos”, sentenced.

On the contrary, he insisted that “we have our doctors, and more are being added every day. Hospital care is about chronic pain, we care for special children and people with cancer and chronic illnesses. And we There is a network of mothers who work not only in Madrin, but also in Comodoro, Catamarca, Neuquén.

“There are more and more of us and, for example, there are no doctors in Comodoro and we always send oils and creams for free. The demand is so high that we have to take money out of our pockets to buy droppers and bottles,” he gave dimension.

“Each mother works at home, there on Sundays we meet to prepare the oil, we do everything by heart, always with the prescription prescribed by the doctor,” he explained.

“Everyone told me that the bar was very high in terms of expectations, but I will tell you that we are going further. We already have assets, containers, and we are planning to set up a provincial secretariat cannabis. We need to bring in special people to give the Congress and the lectures, we are here in Madryn for more,” Tachete thought.

” It is necessary to putWhile going to work, and also to study, I was invited to an inter-population conference in Chile where experts from all over the world will come. I would love to have a mother from the Daya Foundation in Chile or Uruguay, who are much more advanced than us,” she joked.

“Jujuy is the second province that exports cannabis, but it does it like a big business, and instead it is something else for us,” he warned.

“At first the head of Montada said we were going to plant marijuana on his property and I clarified with tears in my eyes that we were going to grow the drugs in Montada, what we’re doing is something else. Come on. They take the medicine. When the boys react, they have no idea how happy the moms are and can go back to sleep,” he observed.

“The other day I was making oil in the barbecue area and I felt the noise from the other side of the house, and I went to the bathroom and my daughter was wiping her hair with it. the hair dryer, she was autistic, she couldn’t feel the noise, because every time she felt the noise, she bumped into the wall,” she counted as disbelief.

“For any 23 year old girl it’s something normal but she’s had it recently so don’t tell me marijuana is a drug it’s a drug for a lot of boys who are going through a tough time I give them that I want to film, but we don’t have that right.

“My soul breaks when I see this conversation happened, they ask me why I’m not selling it. We do everything by heart, I would like to thank Pablo Gadan, I don’t even know him and he repaired the property for us so that the containers could be mounted. It fills our soul when we realize we are doing things right,” he thanked.

“We are not going to sell, not our property. We will provide many more people because of course there will be more demand, we will do training, but we will not do business.

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