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County, local and Rowan University officials gathered July 21 to celebrate the historic opening of the Sewell Campus of the School of Osteopathic Medicine (SOM). After remarks to a gathered crowd of students, staff, faculty and special guests, officials welcomed the first class of 72 medical students to the new campus with a traditional ribbon-cutting ceremony. Located on the campus of Rowan College of South Jersey (RCSJ), the new Sewell campus represents SOM’s largest expansion since the medical school opened 45 years ago.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Thomas Cavalieri, Dean of the School of Osteopathic Medicine, congratulated the students and thanked those involved for their continued partnership, including RCJS President Dr. Fred Keating, County Commissioners of Gloucester and board members.

“This is a true team effort, involving individuals from our university and our partner organizations,” said Dr. Cavalieri. “Today, we not only celebrate the start of our students’ medical careers, but also the start of expanded access to health care for thousands of South Jersey residents.”

It marks the first time in New Jersey history that a four-year medical school has been located on the campus of a community college. This extraordinary collaboration between Rowan, RCSJ and local and county officials provides unprecedented educational opportunities for New Jersey residents. In addition to SOM medical students, other allied health students will be able to gain valuable clinical experience at the Rowan Medicine offices.

“Too often people dismiss an idea, saying it can’t or shouldn’t be done, just because it’s never been done before,” said former New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney. “We are here today to celebrate what can be accomplished when parties come together, find their mutual interests and resolve to work together to accomplish something for the benefit of others.” Sweeney currently chairs the Steve Sweeney Center for Public Policy at Rowan University.

The Sewell location complements a “one school, two campuses” vision for SOM. Located on the second floor of the 56,454 square foot Rowan Medicine Building, SOM’s new medical school includes classrooms, library, problem-based learning and lecture rooms, wet lab, manipulative medicine lab osteopath and administrative offices. Teaching students in the first two years will be through SOM’s innovative problem-based learning program, followed by two years of clinical skills training, often delivered at Rowan Medicine’s clinical offices in the first floor of the building.

The new SOM campus continues the school’s historic growth over the past decade as it rises to help address the country’s doctor shortage challenge and expand access to health care. health and health care education in South Jersey.

“This is truly the start of a new era in opportunity and access,” said Rowan University President Dr. Ali Houshmand. “You took an idea and created a legacy. As we continue to grow through our new partnership with Virtua Health, we can see beyond the horizon a new era in healthcare, research and discovery.

A powerful new partnership

With its growing student body, rich research component, and many highly valued affiliations with New Jersey hospital systems, SOM is quickly earning a reputation as the premier school of osteopathic medicine in the nation. This reputation was greatly reinforced in January of this year with the announcement of a historic partnership between Rowan and Virtua Health to advance patient care and train the workforce of tomorrow.

Backed by a generous investment from Virtua Health, South Jersey’s largest healthcare system, Rowan University’s new Virtua Health College of Medicine and Health Sciences encompasses SOM; the Virtua Health School of Nursing and Health Professions; the new School of Engineering and Translational Biomedical Sciences; several research institutes; and aligned clinical practices.

About Rowan University:
Rowan University is ranked among the top 100 public research institutions in the nation. Over the past decade, the University has rapidly transformed into a research-intensive doctoral university with more than 23,000 students, program offerings on eight campuses, and partnerships with health systems across the south. of Jersey. Focused on access, quality, affordability and economic development, Rowan is one of only three institutions in the country to offer both MD and DO medical degree programs and recently established a School of Professions nurses and health. Learn more: rowan.edu.

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