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KINGSPORT – Summer in the Park offers hands-on, family-friendly outdoor discovery activities each week at Warriors’ Path State Park.

During the week of June 27, families can marvel at the stars, hike day and night, create habitats, get up close to wildlife, and more — and it’s all free. Highlights are included in Sunday Stories each week:

Monday, June 27

3:00 pm — Clean Waters: Be a water expert. Healthy water is essential for us and for all the living beings that inhabit and surround it. Go to the caravan camp store to the creek to test the water quality. Be prepared to get wet.

9 p.m. — Star Gazing: There is a universe to discover just above our heads. Let’s look up and marvel at the stars. Meet at the campfire circle at the east end of the main campground. In case of rain, meet at the pool entrance for the legends of the night sky.

Tuesday, June 28

9 a.m. — The Long Hunt: What was life like for the first travelers on the Warriors’ Trail? Come and see how difficult it was for the natives to hunt for food. Go to the camp store.

5:00 PM — Flyways & Byways: Head to the outdoor chapel to learn about the creatures that make their way through Warriors’ Path. In case of rain, go to the main bath.

9:00 PM — Night Hike to Flowing Waters: It’s a whole other world out there at night. Experience the calm and excitement of a night in the Sinking Waters Wetland. Bring a dim flashlight and head to the camp store to carpool into the backcountry of the park.

Wednesday, June 29

9:30 am — Wake Up Walk: Let’s wake up our senses in the morning in the forest. Head to the main bath for a refreshing morning stroll.

4:00 p.m. — Wacky Wet Wednesday: Enjoy kid-friendly water games and learning activities. Maybe even soak a ranger. Meet at the outdoor chapel. Prepare to get very wet.

8 p.m. — Mis-Identification: Come uncover the truth about some of the most misunderstood and misidentified animals in the park. Meet at the Open Air Chapel, or at the pool entrance if it’s raining.

Thursday June 30

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8:30 a.m. — Breakfast with the Birds: Wake up with our feathered neighbors. Head to the main bath to begin a walk through bird country. The first 12 people to arrive receive a free donut and juice.

12:30 p.m. — Corn Husk Dolls: Early settlers along the Warriors Trail couldn’t afford to waste anything. Even old corn husks could become a toy. Head to the open-air chapel to try this old-time craft. If it’s raining, go to the main bath.

6:00 p.m. — Skulls/Nature’s Toolbox: Each animal carries all the tools it needs to survive. Investigate some natural “toolboxes” and learn more about the work of each animal! Head to the outdoor chapel or the main bath if it’s raining.

friday july 1st

9:00 a.m. — Fawn Hike Loop Trail: A trail designed for beginner mountain bikers is also a great starting point for exploring forest habitats. Meet at the mountain bike parking lot to begin an easy hike through the woods.

1:30 p.m. — 100-inch hike: Especially for tired little feet, this gives an opportunity to experience life on the small side. It’s also a great opportunity to catch a creature for errands. Meet at the main bath.

2 p.m. – Critter Race for Freedom: Everyone wins when you bring your best creepy crawler to the main bath. No animals or flying creatures please.

6:00 p.m. — Earthball Games: Enjoy lively cooperative games with a 6-foot-tall ball. If it’s raining, there will be smaller ball games at the main bath.

Saturday July 2

9:00 am – Sinking Waters Ridge Hike: Explore the changing face of nature on the first loop of the Sinking Waters Trail. Meet at the camp store to carpool to the trailhead.

5 p.m. — Nature games: Enjoy lively nature games for young and old. Head to the outdoor chapel or the main bath if it’s raining.

7:00 PM — Lake Shore Party: It’s almost bedtime on the Lake Shore Trail. Head to the main bath to enjoy a peaceful evening in the shore woods.

Sunday July 3

9:00 a.m. — Worship Service: Enjoy a peaceful morning service at the open-air chapel, or at the pool entrance if it’s raining. The service is sponsored by Colonial Heights Baptist Church.

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