5 things to keep up to date in Malayali cuisine and diet

Over the years there have been various changes in eating habits and it keeps changing from time to time. If you are able to make minor changes to your cooking, it will also affect the taste, says celebrity chef Suresh Pillai.

Here are Chef Pillai’s tips for Malayalis to adapt to changing diets, eating habits and practices, and maintain effective and efficient cooking habits.

Avoid overcooking and undercooking

Avoid overcooking and undercooking your food. We have this habit of overcooking seafood. There are those who think that cooking fish in lots of water and then reducing the sauce is a way to cook it. When you overcook fish, all of its nutrients are lost.

Whether it’s vegetables, seafood, chicken or meat, they only require a certain amount of cooking time. You just need to know the correct cooking time. This rule also applies to vegetables. There are people who overcook vegetables in avial and turn them soggy like koottukari.

Include salad in your daily diet

Although there are several forms of leafy vegetables available today, we don’t really know how to use them. Whenever possible, try a balanced diet. Malayalis are known to include very less salads in their meals, especially raw ones. Even for wedding buffets, they prefer to head straight for the main menu counter. Next time try to have it the way it should be – start with the soup, dig into a few starters, then choose the main course (if your belly isn’t full yet), then go for the dessert (only if you want) . If you want to reduce the rice in your meal, add more salad to your plate. You don’t really need to pick all the exotic greens from the supermarket to make your salad. Go for something simple like onion, cucumber, tomato or even local produce like jackfruit, red spinach, raw mango or guava. Remember that all of these flavors are available at your fingertips. You can also opt for different dressings to make your daily salad dish exciting.

Choose ingredients carefully

It is important to ensure the quality of the ingredients we use. When shopping, make sure it is fresh and of good quality.

Think ahead before cooking

Plan your dishes the night before and have the ingredients ready before cooking. Planning makes cooking easier.

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You do not know how to cook ? Nothing you make tastes good? Carefree

Cooking beginners usually tend to buy everything they can get their hands on before cooking. Equally important is choosing the right kitchen gadgets. You usually won’t want to cook in a cramped kitchen (or when everything is everywhere). Try watching cooking videos and learn how to make the cooking process easier and fun. Of course, chances are that the first cooking experiments will come to nothing. The masala will burn, the quantity can be more or less, etc. It is therefore best to taste at each stage of your cooking and to advance little by little. Don’t be discouraged by your first culinary disasters. It is not possible to learn everything without experience. Your fish curry might not go well even after 10 tries, but the 11th try is what matters, and it might even be good. Cooking isn’t rocket science, it’s about doing something frequently and finally getting used to it. Cooking is a matter of experience and patience. Anyone can be a good cook this way.

Forget complaining about your lack of cooking skills. Remember that practice makes everything perfect.


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