With the theme “One Earth” World Environment Day” Observed at St Aloysius B Ed College

With the theme “One Earth” World Environment Day” Observed at St Aloysius B Ed College

Mangaluru: As they say “Better late than never”, even though the whole world celebrated “World Environment Day” on June 5, but at St Aloysius B Ed College, Mangaluru, it was observed on June 10, 2022, a day to remind us to be responsible for the environment and thus protect it, and also to raise awareness and describe the importance of Mother Nature.

World Environment Day was first observed in 1974., to create a platform to raise awareness that the world is facing issues such as air pollution, plastic pollution, global warming and rising sea level day by day. This year, the theme for World Environment Day is “One Earth”. The theme idea of ​​’Only One Earth’ is to focus on the unity of the world in the sense of creating an atmosphere of peace, harmony, prosperity and health by saving nature and life. The policy of the theme is to create and adopt a way of life which should be pollution-free and full of green land. The motto is still the same as 50 years ago to protect mother nature. This planet is our only home and we must save it for future generations.

As we have all faced a deadly pandemic over the past two years, it has highlighted the importance of a safe, clean and sustainable environment like never before. Now it is alarming for all of us to take care of mother earth and her resources. Global warming is a very big threat that gives us challenges to ensure healthy life and nature protection. India has already taken many steps in the direction of raising awareness and taking remedial action to protect the earth from global warming.

World Environment Day inspires us to take action and improve the environment without which we cannot live, to take appropriate action and protect the environment without which life on earth is impossible. Small initiatives by people can have a big impact. These initiatives are: Stop using plastic on a daily basis; One should plant a tree in a year; Take an initiative to keep your company clean and maintain hygiene; Do not throw garbage into the rivers and the sea; Be aware of how things are used and recycle them; Try to reuse things; Drive less and cycle more; Save water as much as you can; Exploitation of resources at the minimum level; Do not allow acids and chemicals to enter rivers, etc.

The WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY 202 celebration at St Aloysius B ED College, Mangaluru began with a song of prayer invoking God’s blessings, followed by a welcome speech by Ms Daphney and Ms Sahana. Ashish Carvalho explained the importance of World Environment Day, followed by a welcome dance by the students. Prizes to the winners of various competitions held to mark the day were handed out by guest environmentalist chief and National Environment Care Foundation (NECF) activist Jeeth Milan Roche, and 2022 Padmashree Awardee guests of honor Amai Mahalinga Naik, and commis , active and dedicated Senior Environmentalist Krishnappa P.

Ms. Suphala announced the winners of the various competitions. After a beautiful and meaningful song on EARTH, 2022 Padmashree Laureate Amai Mahalinga Naik and Senior Conservationist Krishnappa P were congratulated on the occasion with a shawl, fruit etc. Ravikiran Crasta and Mrs. Anusha PJ introduced Mahalinga Naik and Shri. Krishnappa K.

After Ms. Rachana introduced the esteemed keynote guest, keynote guest Jeeth Milan Roche speaking to the audience said, “Why do teachers tell students not to behave like animals, when they do something? wrong or misbehave. We need to stop making such comments because if you look closely, animals are much wiser and caring than humans. Therefore, saying stop behaving like humans would be appropriate.”

“Like a mother, the Earth gives us life and nourishes us. Just as we would not be here without our mother, in the same way we would not be here without our mother the earth to support us. We must take care of mother nature as we take care of our mothers who gave birth to us. World Environment Day celebration should not stop at just one day, we should continue to care and nurture the plants/trees throughout the year.Due to development,trees are cut down and a lot of oxygen is lost,but no one cares.Greenery should be around us for us to lead a healthy life,otherwise we “We’ll be inhaling carbon dioxide instead of oxygen, with the growth of vehicles and buildings in our city. Let’s unite and raise our voices for a cleaner, greener environment,” added Roche.

When we plant trees, we are taking a step in the right direction and becoming one with the environment. It is a symbolic and literal fusion of man with nature. This is why the dignitaries came forward and planted a sapling to give meaning and purpose to this Environment Day celebration in a symbolic way. There is no doubt that human beings are polluting and destroying our planet. This is concerning because pollution is an indirect danger to our environment today and the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it. Can you imagine what our future will be like if we are not aware of the need of the hour? To raise awareness of this issue, the students performed a mime highlighting how pollution is poisonous for the earth and why we must save our environment. It was indeed a very stimulating performance, which awakened the responsibility to protect our environment in everyone present.

Father Farita Viegas, the director of the College, urged the students to follow what the main guest said for a better and cleaner environment, and that it is possible if everyone joins hands and fights for a better, greener and cleaner future (Watch the video below for more of his speech). Environmentalist Krishnappa speaking on the occasion said: “The only way to honor our Mother Earth is to make this planet a much better place to live by raising awareness of our environment and creating balance in our lives. . We are made of the earth and return to the earth. Instead of spending lavishly on a birthday party, planting a sapling will be remembered forever, when the sapling will grow into a tree and provide oxygen to others. People’s mentality should also change to create a better and cleaner environment. Yes, we can do it, if we decide for a better and greener future”. Krishnappa also recited some slogans relating to the environment, and everyone followed him.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Sumitra. In conclusion, the Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not enough to satisfy every man’s greed. In this universe there are billions of galaxies, in our galaxy there are billions of planets, but there is only one earth. We only have one earth. Let’s join forces and take care of it. Thanks!

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