Are you considering a detox diet? Here are its pros and cons

Detoxification is the key to optimal health. There are several pathways to detox and each person has unique vulnerabilities. Identifying it is essential.

Detox has an impact on disease and symptoms, and should be addressed before protocols. The main detoxification organs in your body are the kidneys, lymph, skin, liver, colon, and lungs.

Your body filters immense metabolic waste through the kidneys every day. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to use this detoxification pathway optimally by drinking plenty of water and caffeine- and sugar-free fluids throughout the day and encouraging cleansing.

The liver is the main organ of detoxification. Many health problems have their roots in poor liver health. Your large intestine is a mechanism by which your liver releases waste products out of the body in the form of poo. Any constant accumulation in the form of constipation creates structural defects.

Advantages and disadvantages of popular detox diets

There are many popular detox diets and you may have tried several yourself. All popular detox diets can have pros and cons. I’m sure being aware of this will not only help you choose the right approach, but also know where to be careful.

Most modern detox diets relate to naturopathic or Ayurvedic approaches and are based on the principle that optimizing detox improves the functioning of body systems. Looking at popular detox diets will help us understand the nuances of these pros and cons.

What are the popular detox diet trends?

Very popular approaches include juice cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse and green smoothies. Let’s quickly dive into each of them.

1. One juice purify is probably the most popular and common detoxification method. There are several popular brands where you can buy a kit with six juices per day. Their ingredients include fruits and vegetables, often fiber-free, and in cold-pressed versions.

The benefit of this is that it gives the body a nutrient boost by concentrating these vegetables, but the downsides include immense blood sugar dysregulation when done too often or for too long.

Those with sensitive blood sugar rhythms may experience a blood sugar imbalance within a day. The claim is that you lose several kilograms in a week, but usually it’s not the weight loss itself. It may be good once in a while to lighten the load on digestion, but watery foods without fiber unbalance vata, quench the fire of agni and make adrenal function sensitive. If you do not want to feel unbalanced in the nervous system, it is better to avoid this option.

2. A liver flush can be done in many ways, but generally the method is to temporarily remove dietary fat from the diet to give the liver a break. The benefits are that there is solid science to this. When the body does not receive fat in the diet, the liver and gallbladder take a break, which allows for a thorough cleansing of the gastrointestinal tract. Combining this with the increased fiber from plant foods helps the body eliminate. Optimizing the liver with a short fatty break helps it improve liver function. Disadvantages arise when followed as a long-term diet method, such as a low-fat or fat-free diet. These then lead to increased vata, weakened adrenal function, poor brain function, a tendency towards depression, bad hormones and unhealthy skin. This should only be done in the short term.

3. Colon cleanses are done by adding laxative ingredients to juices and liquids to create a colon detox. These include products like clay and senna, which bind toxins from the colon and help it move out of the body. These additives can be harsh on the soft lining of the gastrointestinal tract, and their use can often make the colon sluggish, increase vata, and damage the colon. Eventually, this can also lead to the inability to evacuate without their help. This is a dangerous problem, with which no one should end up. If there is a reason you want to consider such a measure, always work with a qualified naturopath and avoid experimenting with existing protocols.

4. Green smoothies are more common than colon cleanses. You may have tried them yourself. Ingredients such as chlorella and spirulina are combined with spinach, celery and other cleansing vegetables.

The risk of using them after a night of heavy drinking can be confusing to the body. While they may be a bit better than juices that don’t contain fiber, having too many green smoothies, which are bitter foods, increases vata.

In moderation, bitter foods promote the flavor of other tastes, kindle agni with a dry light quality, have a drying and cleansing character, break down toxins, kill pathogens, relieve burning sensations, itching, fainting and skin disorders. In small amounts, they relieve intestinal gas and act as a digestive aid. In excess, they create an imbalance in the system, can be nauseous, deplete dhatus which are bodily tissues, cause dizziness, unconsciousness, promote emaciation, dry skin, reduce sexual energy, increase fatigue and reduce bone marrow leading to osteoporosis.

Detoxification is the key to optimal health, but the main thing to consider is to avoid extremes for long periods of time. Giving the digestive system and liver a break for a day or lightening food for a week can be very helpful. Making juice cleans a frequent part of your week can be unbalancing.


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