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Refer to ‘Dog on the tracks’; a senior IAS officer treating public space as his personal property, built with taxpayers’ money, is disgraceful. However to single out bureaucracy for the entrenched VIP culture is uncalled for as this is omnipresent in every sphere of public life. The municipal corporations, military establishment, big corporations, people with deep pockets, judicial and media houses are part of the same VIP ecosystem. The elite class gets so intoxicated with power and authority that they start believing that they are a law unto themselves. In developed countries, even top leaders are down to earth and have no inhibition in rubbing shoulders with the common man. In our country, this is done for photo-ops, like eating with Dalits and traveling in a metro. To make a beginning to obliterate this VIP culture, let all permanent and political executives send their children to government schools rather than Ivy League colleges; avail medical treatment in public hospitals. We have witnessed at the height of the pandemic how these VIPs could get admission to top-notch private hospitals while the common man was desperate to even get an oxygen cylinder.

Deepak Singhal, Noida

Misuse of position

‘Dog on the tracks’ shows the reality of how powerful persons misuse their authority. The stadium is meant for sportspersons and not bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen. Such people are present in every sphere. They consider themselves above society and sacrifice the common interest of people for their own interest. We live in a democracy where everybody is equal before the law. Such practices should be stopped immediately.

Shiv Dhemla, Bathinda

Sense of entitlement

In our country, it is the norm for people in position to misuse their authority. This episode lays bare the sense of entitlement of bureaucrats. Most bureaucrats in the last years of service try to get an extension or some adjustments in other departments. Due to this, they are ready to do work outside their purview. The government had started lateral entry to higher posts, meant for IAS cadre, and had received a good response. If the attitude of the present IAS framework does not change, the government should consider raising the number of posts through such entry.

Yash Pal Ralhan, Jalandhar

fair trial

Reference to ‘Jail for Malik’; the life sentence by the NIA court after Malik pleaded guilty to all charges was well deserved. The judge was also wise and humane in not, despite strong arguments by the prosecution, giving the death penalty. India’s rule of law received another pat on the back for having ensured a fair trial and adequate representation for the accused’s defence.

HH Paul, Nadia

Too late now

Apropos of ‘Ready to reveal the names of the corrupt, says Capt’, it is strange to see the quick reaction of former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh after the sacking of Health Minister Vijay Singla. He is now ready to reveal the names of corrupt ministers and MLAs, including those involved in sand mining in the previous regime. What was he doing during his chief ministry? He remained a mute spectator during his entire tenure. He not only brought a bad name to his party, but also to the Army personnel because of his background and also to the Chief Minister’s office. He lacked the courage to act against such people because it could have cost him his seat. The present government headed by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has already initiated various inquiries against previous regimes. Truth will come out soon.

Gurpreet S Malhotra, Kansal

Public sector lags

Refer to the article ‘What the people really want’, successive governments tilted towards liberalization to utilize resources efficiently as red tape, corruption and inefficiency had plagued government-run enterprises. Monopolistic empires crumbled and resulted in price rationalization. The private sector is efficient but is run on motives of profit. It caters to affluent sections of society and is out of bounds for the downtrodden. We can observe this trend in every field, from education, health, food to even entertainment. Single-screen theaters have almost vanished and the poor neither have deep pockets nor self-esteem to buy ticket of a multiplex. Major chunk of the population including lower middle class and the poor. The government should give equal focus to the development of an efficient public sector and MSMEs in every field so that majority of public is not deprived of basic amenities and employment opportunities.

Rajesh Goyal, by mail

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