New study published in Cell Reports Medicine further validates the potential of urolithin A supplementation to support muscle health

  • A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial found that Mitopure™ Urolithin A improves muscle strength and physical performance in middle-aged adults

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, May 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nestlé Health Science, a globally recognized leader in nutritional science, announced the publication of results from the ATLAS trial in Medicine Reports Unit. Data shows improvements in leg muscle strength in those who consumed Mitopure supplement daily for four months. Mitopure, a proprietary form of urolithin A made by Amazentis, works by supporting cells’ ability to renew their powerhouses, the mitochondria. Decline in mitochondrial function occurs during aging and is associated with decreased physical performance, such as slower walking speed, muscle fatigue, and loss of strength. Using nutritional supplements to support mitochondrial health is a new approach to help combat age-related decline in muscle and cellular health.

“It is very promising that we have stronger clinical data to support the benefits of Mitopure supplementation on muscle health and exercise performance potential as we age,” said Anurag Singh, chief physician at Amazentis and co-author of the study. “Until recently, interventions to counteract age-related muscle decline have been limited. Exercise and dietary approaches like higher protein intake are the most studied ways to help mitigate this decline, but we know that people don’t always adhere closely to these regimens. What’s particularly important is that we see Mitopure improve physical performance in the absence of an exercise regimen. These studies highlight the potential of Mitopure supplementation as a new nutritional solution to help maintain muscle function in middle-aged adults.

As people age, a gradual decline in muscle mass and strength is natural, and environmental factors such as diet and exercise can affect how quickly these declines occur. Stimulating mitophagy, the removal and recycling of dysfunctional mitochondria to promote mitochondrial synthesis, can help improve mitochondrial function and promote overall cellular health. Previous research shows that Mitopure – which is molecularly identical to the natural gut microbiome-derived metabolite produced from foods like pomegranates, nuts and berries – activates mitophagy.

The ATLAS trial was a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study that examined the impact of daily supplementation with Mitopure (500mg or 1000mg) or placebo for 4 months on muscle performance in 88 sedentary adults aged 40 to 64. Endpoints for the trial included muscle strength, exercise tolerance and physical performance. The results are a significant finding in muscle health research and are as follows:

  • Improvements in hamstring muscle strength were significantly greater in participants who consumed Mitopure daily at the level of 500mg (12% increase from baseline) or 1000mg (10% increase from baseline). baseline) compared to placebo. This is essential, as maintaining muscle strength is important for healthy aging.
  • People consuming 1000 mg of Mitopure per day experienced clinically significant improvements in aerobic endurance (10% increase in maximal oxygen uptake [VO2]) and physical performance (33-meter improvement in the 6-minute walk test), from baseline to 4 months.
  • Mitopure supplementation improved cellular health with respect to mitochondrial efficiency and reduction of inflammation markers, both of which are important for optimal muscle function.
  • Mitopure supplementation has also been shown to be safe and well tolerated.

Additionally, the ATLAS results build on data from recent trials investigating the benefits of Mitopure supplementation. A randomized crossover trial demonstrated better bioavailability of Mitopure compared to dietary sources of urolithin A, given that two-thirds of individuals lack the appropriate microbiome to make AU from their diet alone. A randomized, controlled trial of adults aged 65-90 found that daily supplementation with 1000 mg of Mitopure significantly improved muscle endurance in the hands and legs at two months. Taken together, these studies show that Mitopure can positively impact muscle and cellular health in middle-aged and older adults, which is impactful given that the decline in muscle mass and strength associated with age can start as early as 40 years old.

“We want to empower people to take control of their aging, and we continue to see the positive impact Mitopure supplementation can have on muscle function and cellular health,” said Rick Jentis, Global Category Head for Cellular Nutrition at Nestlé Health Science. “Celltrient Cellular Strength, which contains this proprietary form of urolithin A, provides an accessible solution to help support muscle health as people age. Our goal is to continue to rewrite the trajectory of aging by providing nutrition options scientifically studied cells such as urolithin A.”

The complete study is registered on under the name: NCT03464500.

Urolithin A

Urolithin A (UA) is a cellular nutrient that activates mitochondrial turnover to support efficient mitochondrial function, which is important for muscle strength and endurance. DU is formed by gut bacteria when foods containing ellagitannins, a beneficial plant compound, are consumed. However, about two-thirds of adults are not able to produce AU in this way, so supplementation may be beneficial.

Celltrient™ Cellular Nutrition

Nestlé Health Science has launched Celltrient™ Cellular Nutrition, a specialist line of nutritional solutions designed to support cellular health. Celltrient Cellular Strength offers Mitopure™, an exclusive form of AU. For more information on Celltrient Cellular Nutrition, visit

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