The man who fell to earth: the 10 best quotes

Showtime’s new sci-fi mystery series, The man who fell to earth, was recently premiered and has already had a lasting impact on audiences. Along with having a lot of science and fantasy plotlines, the series also had some really funny moments that make up for the more dramatic ones.

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Few shows or movies really show the reality of what would happen if an alien fell to Earth and had to move, but TMWFTE done – including all the hard times in Faraday’s learning curve. Unsurprisingly, these hijinks resulted in some fantastic lines.



“I had to rebuild everything I had lost. I had to learn how to become a human being.”

Chiwetel Ejiofor in The Man Who Fell to Earth

Viewers still don’t know how Faraday goes from desert to tech conference in this new take on David Bowie’s top-rated film, but they can’t wait to find out. This quote is spoken by Faraday as a sea of ​​onlookers cheer him on. It’s the sci-fi equivalent of a TedTalk.

This quote is so meaningful and important because it uses a play on human colloquialisms. People talk about being a “human being” as learning to feel normal again or acting with human decency, in some cases. However, Faraday means this both metaphorically and literally; He had to learn to act like a human being in a real sense, as viewers saw.


“Fuck! Water! Please.”

Faraday in The Man Who Fell to Earth

Humanoid aliens may be a sci-fi trope fans are tired of, but Faraday is a horrible human to begin with, and teaching him to communicate while being actively interrogated in a police station makes for some seriously entertaining moments. He does not know how to communicate, but he gets used to it by imitating others.

Then when the real K. Faraday tells her that “screaming and saying ‘f**’ gets you what you want”, he can’t detect her sarcasm and thinks she’s giving serious advice, which brings him to shout “F***! Water!” There’s another great interaction when she realizes what he’s doing and tells him to say please, so he escalates his request to, “F***. Water. Please. “

Justin Falls

“Is there a nice doctor I can call who can tell me you’re not a serial killer?”

Justin and Faraday at dinner on The Man Who Fell To Earth

Justin Falls is a strong woman in this sci-fi adventure, and her attitude towards Faraday is quite relatable. Everything Faraday tells him seems straight out of a science fiction novel. But, there’s enough intriguing information he gives her to make her wonder if he’s actually a danger to her.

After Justin saved Faraday from a mugging and revealed he knew about his scientific research, Justin asked her this question, half joking and half seriously, because she didn’t know if he knew. had an angle or if he didn’t feel right.


“Where is the bag of liquid? »

Faraday escalates impact in The Man Who Fell To Earth

This line is funny because of how genuinely caught Faraday is when he gets into Justin’s car. So far, he hasn’t speculated that human life is similar to life on Anthea. He even pointed out specific human customs from what he already knows and observes.

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But, when he gets in the truck and asks Justin, “Where’s the bag of cash?” it completely breaks the tension. He had assumed that humans, like the Antheans, moved in fluid sacs and he was seriously puzzled for a moment.

Thomas Newton

“I got distracted.”

This quote seems quite flippant from Newton and leaves Faraday and viewers confused. After many troubles and run-ins with the law, Faraday finally arrives at his meeting place with Newton in the eye of a tornado.

Faraday asks for Newton’s instructions, but also asks where he’s been and what he’s been doing. It is revealed that Newton is also Anthean and was sent to find a solution to their planet’s problem but never returned. When Faraday asks why Newton never came back, he simply replies, “I got distracted.”


“When the clouds disappear, you all disappear.”

Justin Falls drives on The Man Who Fell To Earth

This quote is so shocking that it is very disturbing and seems to indicate that there is danger on the horizon for humanity in the series. Until that bit of dialogue, Faraday was really the one who needed it. He needs Justin and Newton’s help so his people can be saved.

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Maybe it’s an indication of what happened on Anthea and a warning to Justin that humans might fall victim to the same fate, or it’s an implication that Faraday knows something about Earth’s future that humans don’t know.


“Do you use Google? »

Justin Falls and Faraday at dinner on The Man Who Fell To Earth

The restaurant’s poor waitress was a secondary character who really stole the show with her genuine kindness. But, she had no idea what she had gotten herself into when she agreed to help Faraday when he returned to the restaurant alone and asked her if she knew how to “Google” since he had seen Justin the do before.

Not only has he begun to walk towards her very aggressively outside, but he uses his highly developed sense of smell to determine that she is, in fact, pregnant. That alone is a shock, but he asks her if she’s afraid her children don’t have enough resources to survive and she slaps him before running away.

Drew Finch

“Dessert is first of all to say ‘yes’ to life.”

Drew Finch on The Man Who Fell to Earth

Drew Finch is played by Kate Mulgrew, known for her performance as Red on one of the best LGBTQ+ shows with a female showrunner, Orange is the new black. Drew couldn’t be more different from Red, with his first line in the series being a giddy exclamation over the cheesecake.

The whole scene between Finch and Spencer Clay is odd at best, with Clay repeatedly telling the waitress she’s wrong when she’s not and Finch laughs it off into his napkin. This cheerful and optimistic attitude is undoubtedly the first layer of a ruthless government official.

Justin Falls

“I’m talking to someone from another planet.”

Faraday: “Me too.”

Of all the alien invasion movies that fans watch over and over, sometimes they can’t think of what the invasion or landing is like from the alien’s perspective. This quote taps into that idea; that humans are alien to other life forms just as much as they are alien to us.

Faraday is a great example of a space or alien movie from the alien’s point of view. He crashes into a place where he doesn’t know anyone and doesn’t speak the language, and he has to figure out how to support himself and follow his mission. This conversation between Faraday and Justin humanizes him.

Molly Falls

“Most of the time it’s the Lord. But once I saw him say it about Tina Turner.”

Molly and Josiah come across The Man Who Fell to Earth

Molly and Josiah Falls are the reason Justin works as hard as she does. They are also the source of tremendous comic relief on the show. Whether it’s sparring with Faraday on the radio or harassing other seniors, Josiah is a handful – and Molly loves him.

One thing no one prepares for is explaining the concept of saying “thanks” to an alien life form – even if they don’t know it’s an alien yet. When Faraday asks who they’re talking to “grace,” Molly chimes in with this funny one-liner that goes over Faraday’s head.

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