Premier Health and Holistic Medicine releases guide on how to treat a tick bite

RENO, NEVADA, USA, May 2, 2022 / — Premier Health and Holistic Medicine has released a guide on how to treat a tick bite. Taking care of a tick bite early on can help prevent someone from getting Lyme disease.

Although people can encounter ticks throughout the year, many encounter them during warmer seasons while enjoying their favorite hobbies, including camping, hiking, and golfing. Taking preventive measures can ensure that a person is less likely to get bitten and contract Lyme disease.

Taking preventative measures such as the following will reduce the likelihood of getting bitten by a tick:

• Avoid dense vegetation
• Wear protective clothing
• Spray insect repellent
• Clean their pets
• Arrange the yard

If a tick has bitten someone, they should react quickly. Although a tick usually needs to be attached for 36 to 48 hours before the Lyme disease bacteria is transmitted, people should remain proactive.

When returning indoors, people should check hard-to-see places such as in and around the ears, in and around the hair, inside the navel, around the waist, under the arms, on the behind the knees and between the legs. . Some ticks can be as small as 2mm, so it is essential to check the body carefully.

The first step in treating the bite is to remove the tick quickly and carefully from the skin. Some ticks have barbed feeding tubes, which make them difficult to detach, so be sure to remove them carefully to avoid further skin damage.

Next, the bite site should be washed with soap to kill any potential bacteria that may have been transferred. People can also use the following home care tips:

• Apply a cold compress to the bite for 15 to 20 minutes once an hour.
• Use over-the-counter medications to treat itching, redness, swelling, or pain.
• Putting calamine lotion on the skin can relieve some itching.

If anyone has flu-like symptoms in the next few days, they should see a doctor for Lyme disease.

At Premier Health and Holistic Medicine, Dr. Ridinger is a holistic medicine practitioner in Leesburg, Virginia, specializing in the treatment of Lyme disease. People who have discovered a rash or have flu-like symptoms can contact Dr. Ridinger to schedule an appointment by visiting the Premier Health and Holistic Medicine website.

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