Bitgert Ecosystem Growing at Rapid Pace, Might Become the Next Solana

by Analytics Insight
March 31, 2022

The fast delivery of the Bitgert project has made the crypto community believe it might be the next Solana

Bitgert (BRISE) has been doing so well in 2022. It has overtaken so many blockchain projects along the way, and more so after it launched its own blockchain, the revolutionary BRC20 blockchain. But one thing that is catching the attention of the crypto community is the rapid pace at which the Bitgert project is developing.

The fast delivery of the Bitgert project has made the crypto community believe it might be the next Solana. There is so much that the Bitgert team has achieved and is currently working on that might make this project the next Solana. Read more below:


Bitgert project might go down in history as the best crypto investment of 2022. So far, Bitgert has posted one of the best performing coins after posting one of the largest price increases this year. But the biggest development that has enabled Bitgert to make a strong foothold in the market is the powerful BRC20 blockchains. The launch of this blockchain has skyrocketed Bitgert price and has grown the marketcap by a huge percentage.

The Brise blockchain is now the fastest chain after the Bitgert team built a chain that surpassed the Solana chain speed to hit 100k TPS. But what is attracting the crypto investment is the zero gas fee mechanism that is making Bitgert the cheapest chain to transact on. It costs just a mere $0.0000000000001 gas fee, which is lower than the Solana gas fee to transact on the Bitgert chain.

But the upcoming hundreds of projects through the Startup Studio are what might finally make Bitgert the next Solana. The Bitgert team has launched almost 10 products in the past few days of this writing. Therefore, Bitgert is the next big thing in the market in 2022.


Those who have already invested in the Bitgert project must know something about the Centcex project. This is a project that has been compared to Bitgert because of the similarities these two projects have, especially in the roadmap delivery.

Just like Bitgert, the Centcex project has done so well in delivering its roadmap with all the milestones achieved on time. But the crypto investors are buying Centcex because of the huge potential the project has to make them good profits. The Centcex team has already started developing an unlimited number of products for its ecosystem.

So as the product increases in the ecosystem, the adoption will grow, and the Centcex staking reward and coin will increase. That’s how Centcex investors are going to make good money.


Solana might appear larger than Bitgert today in terms of marketcap size and the number of projects on the chain but might soon be overtaken by Bitgert. Note that the Bitgert BRC20 chain has overtaken the Solana chain speed with its 100k TPS and offers cheaper gas.

Therefore, when it comes to blockchain adoption, Bitgert might be the most preferred by users and project developers over Solana going forward. On the products, Bitgert is bringing over 100 projects to the chain every month and thus will catch up with Solana in a few months’ time.

But Solana is also working on its ecosystem by bringing more projects and products. But Bitgert is just delivering faster. However, Solana will definitely have problems delivering a lower gas fee than Bitgert.

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