Jane Seymour goes from ‘Medicine’ to mystery in new ‘Harry Wild’ series

Jane Seymour couldn’t have predicted what her return to series television would be like with the weekly murder mystery “Harry Wild.”

But the “Dr. Quinn’s 70-year-old Medicine Woman veteran has proven if not indestructible, then one of the leading exponents of the actor’s motto: The show must go on.”

Seymour’s Harriet “Harry” Wild is a retired English teacher who suddenly finds purpose as a crime solver, much to the dismay of her police detective son.

“I read the script and couldn’t put it down. It was a murder mystery – and I had no idea how to solve it until the last minute,” Seymour said in a Zoom interview.

“I love that she was an academic with such a passion for being an English teacher, but she wasn’t going to waste the rest of her life teaching kids who just wanted to get high.

“She reinvents herself and accidentally ends up detective because she knows English literature. When she sees something (a literary clue in a homicide case) that rings a bell. No one, including of course her son, a detective, will believe her.

Recently assaulted, Harry “realizes she might need a level of protection. She takes a stun gun to defend herself” and teams up “with this 15-year-old who is on the other side of the track , who has never been exposed to literature. It’s just a wonderful team – a woman in her late sixties and a child whose father is a professional criminal and a drug addict. Together, we see how they have the knowledge needed to solve these very bizarre mysteries.”

What happened while filming in Ireland is not weird but really terrible.

“I am in every scene. And then I broke my kneecap – broke my kneecap – in real life the second week. I went for a run and I went splat, and they filmed it all.

“My face was saved. Of course, idiot that I am, I hadn’t realized how bad it was. I was in pain but I saw that my co-star that day was a young 45-year-old man with Down syndrome who had been completely groomed by his much older mother to be able to do this scene.

“I thought, ‘I can’t let him not do this.’ So they took me to the scene. Then they carried me to the next one.

Viewers will never see that Seymour wore a knee brace and had crutches “except for the times I was filmed. But the whole crew was behind me! They couldn’t believe I hadn’t canceled the show. They were like my team.

AcornTV’s “Harry Wild” series begins with two episodes on Monday, and follows with two new episodes each week.

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