DK Metcalf discusses his football upbringing and crazy candy diet on KG-certified podcast

DK Metcalf talks about his football upbringing and crazy candy diet KG-certified podcast

When you think about what it takes to become one of the best track and field athletes in Mississippi high school history, one of the fastest and most talented players in the National Football League and the one of said NFL players who wears a crop top regularly due to their otherworldly physique – eating a ton of sugar-laden candy probably isn’t high on the list.

But DK Metcalf is not like most people.

Last week, Metcalf was the star guest of NBA legend Kevin Garnett KG-certified podcast where he talked about becoming a football player in the ever-competitive Southeastern United States, having an NFL player for a father in Terrence Metcalf, the insane amount of candy he eats every day, and more. Read some of the highlights below and check out the full podcast episode here.

On the growing competition in Mississippi:

“With me, my pops went to Ole Miss, I grew up 10 minutes away. So we used to go up there and practice all the time. When I got to high school, that’s when- where the competition really started. I had played AJ [Brown] in high school, Jeffrey Simmons – both are on the Titans. I started going to camps, like in Atlanta, and I was seeing a lot of people who are in the league today, so we all know each other. Like Jacob Eason, it’s quarterback, Rashan Gary, we all grew up together in Nike football camps.”

When his dad, 7-year-old NFL vet Terrence Metcalf, knew he was outclassed as an athlete:

“He really hasn’t said it yet, but I used to try it when I was younger. We were wrestling all the time. He’s six-four, 320. I’m five-eight, five -nine, 180. So that’s a big difference – he used to bend me, I used to get hot, get angry. I waited a few more years, and one day I tried to give it a try, and it was like mutual respect, to where it was like, ‘Okay, we’re fine now.'”

Garnett: “What could you do right now when he had a chance?”

“Right now? Monopoly. Anything physical, no one knocks me down. You have to play Monopoly or Scrabble with me, or something.”

On her extreme candy diet:

“I eat one meal a day, drink coffee, and eat about three, four bags of candy.”

Garnett: “Set the candy bags, man.”

“See, I’m a gummy guy… I’m going to accompany you yesterday. Yesterday I woke up, I practiced, I practiced again, I came home, I took a shower. I I’m hungry. Run to Starbucks, get a quick coffee. It’ll last me until four, five o’clock. It’s noon, so it’ll last me about four hours. Around 4:30, I order candy and coffee. So I took the Skittles gummies, then I got the Lifesavers Creations – same size bag, so I just mix them up… Take the candies, take the water, eat this, it’ll keep me going until about eight o’clock. I have dinner at eight, nine. And then I have dinner, I go to sleep.”

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