Camera traps show endangered animals roaming private wildlife refuges

Thanks to camera trap technologyit was possible to show that private wildlife refuges to help preserve endangered species in Costa Rica. Such is the case of the Tigre Mountain Private Wildlife Refuge, located in Buenos Aires, Puntarenas. This site is managed by Fresh Del Monte.

A study published this Tuesday, March 22n/aconcludes that through these 273 protected hectares there is the presence and flow of four species in danger of extinction:

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  • Ocelots (Leopardus Pardalis)
  • Jaguarundis (Herpailurus Yagouaroundi)
  • Cougars or Mountain Lions (Puma Concolor)
  • Collared Peccary (Pecari tajacu).

The cameras also detected animals whose populations have been reduced:

  • Tepezcuintles (Cuniculus Paca)
  • Red-tailed Squirrels (Sciurus Granatesi).

many birds

On the other hand, more than 154 birds were also found in this land during the seven months that this primary and secondary forest was under guardianship. “In a forest that seems empty, there is a lot going on, mainly when we observe at night,” said biologist and research team leader Esteban Brenes.

Companies must consider the impact on the environment

The professional stressed that it is essential to take into account the presence of biodiversity when planning and executing agricultural strategies. And that could have a negative impact on these ecosystems. However, he explained that having this information allows this company and the community to take it into account to avoid said impact.

“It’s a responsibility for the company and the community (…) They can’t say anymore ‘we didn’t know there were peccaries, tepezcuintles,'” Brenes said. “Humans did something wrong, which was to create something and then mitigate the impact, but now we know that,” he added.

Reforest to create corridors

Creating natural corridors for these animals between wooded areas and crops, as Fresh Del Monte is already doing, is one of the options for not impacting ecosystems. The experts also recommended that the company producing pineapples and bananas in the southern part of the country should reforest the said lands even more.

“We have developed a series of actions. Among them, the training of employees in the conservation of flora and fauna. Also patrols and participatory monitoring,” commented Fresh Del Monte’s head of legal department, Michael Calderón. On the other hand, the refuge also serves as a brake on illegal hunting, a problem that has brought some of these species to the brink of extinction.

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