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Please apply for vacancies on USA Jobs until April 20. The Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System currently hires housekeepers, laborers, food service workers, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and orderlies.

Candidates interested in working at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System should bring a current resume, birth certificate or passport, driver’s license, transcripts, and professional certifications to the job fair. Current or former Federal employees should bring an SF-50 Personal Action Notice. To expedite the hiring and onboarding process, candidates should first apply on USA Jobs for open positions.


Housekeepers maintain VA facilities for veterans and their families are essential to the patient care experience at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans rely on your skills to keep patient areas clean and safe by quickly dealing with spills, disposing of trash, installing light bulbs in hallways and rooms, and vacuuming and polishing floors. Your choice of a VA healthcare career as a housekeeper means working alongside other veterans, who make up 85% of custodial staff.

For more information and to pre-register, please visit the USA Jobs page.


VA laborer duties include but are not limited to the use of picks and shovels to dig ditches, repair sidewalks, etc. use manual or battery-operated tools and equipment to maintain facilities; use large industrial electric walk-behind mowers or simple ride-on mowers; load and unload supplies from trucks manually or using power equipment. Perform grounds maintenance on slopes or inclines; Remove snow using a large, motorized, industrial-type snowblower. Perform other assigned duties.

For more information and to pre-register, please visit the USA Jobs page.

Food industry employee

The VA Food Service Worker prepares uncooked items following simple recipe instructions such as reconstituting fruit gelatin with water, preparing cold sandwiches and packaging them with other ready-to-serve assembled foods for bagged meals, as well as simple food supplements and gavages. Perform heavy cleaning duties throughout food service and related areas, such as cleaning extractor hoods, cleaning areas under and behind kitchen equipment, including moving equipment, washing walls and windows, cleaning floors and cleaning walk-in refrigerators and freezers. Push tray delivery carts to dispense and collect bedside trays and record tray delivery, pick-up and non-delivery information. Perform various tasks in the tableware room, such as scraping trays, sorting, stacking and putting away trays, completing preparation of trays with hot drinks and frozen desserts, and checking that trays have been properly heated before delivering them to patients.

For more information and to pre-register, please visit the USA Jobs page.

Registered Nurse

As a registered nurse, you will use professional standards of care and practice to assess yourself and service programs and activities. You will maintain your knowledge of current techniques, trends and professional issues. You will use the group process to identify, analyze and resolve care issues. Job duties include, but are limited to;

  • Initiate/participate in patient safety activities that result in improved outcomes.
  • Implement an educational plan to meet changing program or service needs.
  • Educate colleagues and serve as a preceptor and/or mentor on patient safety initiatives and standards.
  • Support and enhance client self-determination.
  • Serve as a resource for clients and staff regarding ethical issues.
  • Participate in ethical consultations.
  • Collaborate with others in research activities to improve care.
  • Identify and assess resource utilization and security issues, taking appropriate action.

For more information and to pre-register, please visit the USA Jobs page.

Licensed Practical Nurse

The Licensed Practical Nurse provides direct patient care and functions under the direction of the Registered Nurse, Physician or Licensed Independent Provider in the provision of basic nursing care through collaboration, communication and coordination of resources in services and in clinics. Other tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides nursing care to adults with population-specific needs by integrating relevant physical, psychosocial, and cultural needs into the patient’s care plan.
  • Has the knowledge and skills to perform a variety of specialized care including patient room, EKGs, ABIs, bladder scans and phlebotomies.
  • Assist the PACT, RN and MSA provider in managing a PACT tea, using resources to identify chronic care needs of patients.
  • Demonstrates collaboration that promotes interdisciplinary care.
  • Uses a variety of care modalities including telephone, video, secure messaging, and face-to-face
  • Orders/stocks supplies and stocks/processes clinic procedural instruments.
  • Accurately prepares and administers medications; performs treatments and procedures correctly
  • Operates independently with minimal supervision depending on rank and skills.
  • Demonstrates the ability to modify the order and sequence of assigned procedures based on patient condition.
  • Recognizes the signs and symptoms of medical and behavioral emergencies and responds appropriately
  • Responds quickly to patient requests for assistance.

For more information and to pre-register, please visit the USA Jobs page.

Auxiliary nurse

Ralph H. Johnson VA Health Care System is looking for a Practical Nurse. The Practical Nurse (AN) provides assessment and treatment services to veterans suffering from various illnesses and behavioral problems.

  • The AN will provide personal hygiene care to the patient/resident by assisting with toileting, bathing, oral hygiene, shampoos, shaving/toiletry.
  • Assist with activities of daily living by assisting in serving meals and supervising meals, feeding patients/residents as needed; providing fresh water and food between meals; walk, turn and position patients/residents as required.
  • Verification of vital signs, weight, registration of entries and exits, complete security rounds.
  • Ensure patient/resident comfort using available resources and materials; escort patients/residents; respond to call lights and requests; report the resident’s observations to the charge nurse; communicating with patients/residents; using de-escalation skills, if necessary.
  • Document the actions, observations, and education provided by completing forms, reports, and records in the electronic health record/care tracker.

For more information and to pre-register, please visit the USA Jobs page.

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